Static Ruining Your Winter Fashion?

Static Ruining Your Winter Fashion?

A question we have always needed an answer too. Besides the dryer sheet known way, try spraying your skirt lightly with hairspray. You can also carry a static guard aerosol, or opt to wear natural fibers throughout the winter. Try these solutions. Let us know what works for you. Like us on our Facebook page and we will give your more tips to stop static cling.


Winter Skin Beauty Tips

Winter Skin Beauty Tips

Winterize your skin this year. The cold weather, and hot showers can ruin your skin, and dry you out. Drinking lots of fluids is important in the winter to keep your skin hydrated. Use creamy and milky face cleansers. Other skin cleansers tend to strip the surface of your skin. Always follow up with a cream to smooth on your face. Try these few beauty tips and you will look healthy during these cold, cold days.

Tis The Season: FOR BOOTS!

Tis The Season:  FOR BOOTS!

Weather you like, low, mid or high boots, boots with zippers, lace, or buckles, go get a new pair and reward yourself. Boots are perfect to complete any outfit. (Not to mention they keep your legs warm) Need something to wear for the Thanksgiving party next week, buy new boots, and complete your winter style.

Christmas Shopping Tips?

Christmas Shopping Tips?

Yes, already Christmas shopping! Well it is never too early to start. And if you start now, you can avoid the holiday shopper rush during black Friday. Need some help, here is a few tips on not maxing your credit card out too early in the game. Try to avoid spending money on your debit or credit card and pay in cash. If you do use your card, keep a running tally of all your credit card spending. By starting early you can get your easy gifts out of the way, and spend more time on those you need to think out of the box for. Happy Shopping!